Gratitude for life

Today, I am thinking of how blessed I am and the gratitude I have for it. Sometimes when things don't go the way I want, I forget how lucky I really am. Just when I think I have it all figured out I have something good happen that reminds me I don't. Maybe we are not supposed to have it all figured out, if we did life would be pretty boring.

The bumps in the road we travel end up being what helps us grow, it's so hard to remember when we hit a bump though. I think gratitude is the way to remember, so with my blogging I am going to be grateful for one thing each time.

I am grateful for my two daughters, I could not be luckier in having two beautiful, kind, smart and caring girls. I don't always remember which I cannot believe I don't always keep that at the fore front of my thoughts. My life would be pretty meaningless without them, they ground me in ways I am sure they are not aware.

Now to work on being a better person each day so I can be a better mommy or mama.

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