Sisterhood, does this exist?

After this weekend, I have been wondering if sisterhood is around when a woman is in her 40's.  I used to be a little closed minded when I was younger but I have become way more open minded as I have become older. That is not to say that other woman my age have done this, I have woman judging me on who I want to 'date'.  Who cares who I date other than me and the guy I date, why do woman my age feel it is their right to put me down for my choices.  I think it is funny actually, I think they are jealous or they are so close minded that they wouldn't know a good thing if it happened to them.

I honestly do not care what anyone thinks of who I want to 'date', I just think it hilarious that other woman my age feel the need to pull me down because of it. Whatever, you guys look funny when you talk like that in front of men. If the truth be known, men my age have never treated me with an ounce of respect ever. So, why would I want to date one.  Besides men my age are married or attached, I am not into either. Frankly I have something to say to them, if you are not happy where you are at, get out.  It's pretty simple.  Instead you have woman my age standing up for you because they are willing to put up with that. I respect myself too much.

All woman should respect themselves enough to stand up for what they know is right and we as woman should stand together instead of pulling each other down. I believe sisterhood is still out there, I just have to find the right women, the ones that know that when you judge another sister, you only make yourself look bad.

Remember this when you make a decision that won't be all that popular with all your peers and then maybe you won't be so hard on another sister.  Life is too short to tear another person down, glad that they chose me, I am strong enough to let it slide off and live the way I want.  I don't need anyones approval, I make my rules and I live with the consequences. 

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