Believing I'm Worthy

It's lovely to be so content, something I've always wanted, that I never seemed to be able to achieve! This makes me happy.

Once I actually received what I most desired, it was only then that I finally realized the truth I wish I had always known.
I am a kind, gentle, loving, thoughtful, sweet and very caring person. I deserve the best, I won't aim for anything less. I love myself, I am worthy of love. The true and lasting kind and I will have it. I know that I will have it because I finally believe it. Unfortunately it is not something women in their 20's and 30's believe about themselves.

I won't continue to look back with regret for the past as everything in my life brought me to this point in time. The point where I have what I want, I am content with my life, I am enjoying the peace. It's wonderful not to worry about what the future holds, not to be thinking can I make this feeling last and the answer is yes:)

I know this doesn't mean I won't have challenges in the future but I am looking at these differently. My next challenges will get me to my ultimate goal. The one where I end up getting to travel to Italy, Spain, Portugal and many other places. My next goal will have that ability.

This whole month has been amazing, my first grandson Jackson Lukka was born on July 18th at 6:52 am. He weighed 7 lbs and 15 ozs and was 20 inches long. He's beyond adorable. Also my youngest daughter graded into grade three French Immersion, she is so sweet and I'm so proud of her. I am very lucky to have such an easy going kind daughter.

I will have all that I've dreamed, it is all possible as long as I believe. I have asked, I have believed and I have received. <3

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