Being tenacious

I am a very tenacious person, when someone tells me I cannot do something, I find a way and I show them I can. When I put my mind to something, I give it my all. If I know something is right in my heart, I never give up. If one thing does not work for me to accomplish or gain my goals, I try other things until I find something that works.

I may look and feel like I am defeated but in my heart, I am just planning another way to get around the first failure. Long term failure is NOT an option, not to say things don't go wrong but that doesn't mean I let them ruin my goals.

It always surprises me when other people give in so easily. I remember when my oldest daughter was in grade 9 and the principal told her and three of her friends that not one of them would amount to anything, in fact he thought they would all end up pregnant and on welfare. Thankfully he was wrong on all accounts, especially about my daughter. But, when this was told to her, my daughter skipped so many high school classes and then finally dropped out of high school. If this had been me, I would have went to school every day, been early, completed every assignment and passed with flying colors, just so I could go back to that principal and wave my diploma in in face and say you were WRONG about me. That is just the kind of person I am, I would have dug right in and given it my all.

I think this is why I have such a difficult time giving up one of my main goals, something keeps drawing me back, no matter how hard I try to move on. I am just meant to have that goal no matter what anyone thinks. I know the truth.... one day. everyone will know
ღ ♥ღ ♥

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