I have no idea why it is so hard for people to be honest about the way that they feel, what are they afraid of? I think ignoring someone or something doesn't make it easier, I believe being straight and completely honest is the only way to go. It might hurt someone for a short while but lying and ignoring someone is so much worse!

This past few months have made me think and re-think what it is that I really want. I haven't changed my ultimate outcome but I have a very different way of wanting to deal with it now. I really thought that the path that I was on was what would get me to the place where I wanted to be, clearly that didn't work!! So, I had to change it and think about it from a different angle, now to put that into the works. Change is the name of the game, giving up is never an option. The path might be different but the end result is what I am focusing on.

Although I have been frustrated in the past, relaxing and waiting for what I know will happen is sure to make it happen all the sooner. Listening to myself is what I need to do more of and listening to what other people want for me, is all going to be taken with a grain of salt. I am the only one that can ultimately make me happy, I know what is best for me, other people don't, they are just well meaning.

I am enjoying my vacation, I am going to relax and not let it fly by so quickly. I am heading downtown tomorrow with my youngest daughter, spending the day at the huge playground and the museum. Then I need to have some mama time, I have a few ideas.. Then my birthday this week, I really want to do something fun and I want to be able to connect with old friends.

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