Being My Honest Self

I love how people say that they want your honest opinion but when you give it you find out that really all they wanted was for you to follow what they believe. So, I have decided that in certain places I won't share my opinion, which unfortunately makes me fake when I don't want to be. I like people to be open and honest with me, it doesn't always mean that I will follow what they say but I like when people are who they really are. In saying all this, I don't believe in being hurtful honest, I am not out to hurt people, I just want to be truthful and authentic. If we cannot be ourselves, where does this leave us?

Gosh, I have missed blogging, I have allowed other things to get in the way, this is my only really creative outlet and I have been squashing it by not doing it. My oldest daughter fixed my blog up so pretty and re-did my Vision Board. It is exactly what I wanted, my old vision board needed an update as I had actually accomplished many of the goals on it. I also wanted this one to be more like the cork board effect. My daughter is so creative, actually both of them are very creative, I am very blessed to have two wonderful daughters.

I have allowed so many things to get in the way of what I want, now I am going to get focused and blog regularly, exercise as much as possible. follow the secret and work on training my mind to know that I already have everything I want and I will have whatever it is that I desire;)


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