Back to the gym

I had a week off from the gym, first my youngest was feeling well and then I wasn't feeling well and then I was lazy... really the last part was not an excuse, just my being honest. Well, I finally made it back today and although it was tough, I am glad I did it, I did a lot of weights and it felt good. So back tomorrow and now the hard work begins but then from the hard work will come  great results. I am looking forward to it again. 

Back into training again tomorrow... as if I understand all the other training I have learned in the past month, yeah no... I can tell you right now, I am NOT looking forward to assisting customers when I have no clue what I am doing. I KNOW that one day I will but until that day arrives... I will just be muddling through. Oh well, it's the only way to grow and progress, being thrown to the wolves that is... lol

Next thing, I nearly had a melt down at the bus depot today, I went to get on the bus and I could not find my bus pass, not only that, it was in a case that had $90.00 and my bank card as well. I freaked and searched everywhere, just when I thought I would have to go back to work, I remembered putting it in my bra... yes my bra, when I have no pockets I always put things in my bra... lol.   I had forgot. Leave it to me to do the silliest things possible. I am forever making a joke of myself, I don't think I do this on purpose.. I really don't want to be this silly, yet I keep doing things that give people a great laugh. 

Anyhow, I am working on some ideas and plans... nothing that is concrete right now but I know some things are going to change in the near future. If they go the way I want them to go, then yipee... if not then I have to accept that as well.

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