Dealing With Frustration

When I know how something is supposed to work out, it frustrates me so much when it takes so long.  I want it be quick, I want what I want right now. I haven't stopped believing by a long shot but sometimes the final result feels so far away and out of reach.

I keep thinking there is something I can do or say to expedite it and unfortunately I have to admit it is out of my hands. That's so hard for me to just let it happen in time and not do all I can to make it happen quicker.

Because honestly when I think about my life and how incredibly blessed that I am in my life, it blows me away.  I have two fantastic daughters, honest, sweet, kind and caring children, they take my breath away.  I live in a place that I love, sure it isn't perfect but there is nothing that cannot be changed in time. I love my job, I actually feel like it is a career.  It is challenging, makes me think and I learn something new every day. I have fantastic sisters that I love so much and more friends than I can keep track of. 

Then here I sit with a little sadness because I don't have who or what I want in my life yet. I know that I seriously have to let it go and everything will work out the way it is supposed to. When I do get that ultimate goal, I am going to prove how much I deserve it and I will never neglect it. I will do pretty well whatever I have to, to show that I know how blessed I am to finally have my main dream.

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