Waiting Patiently

Everyone always says that good things come to those who wait, I have used it myself from time to time. I wonder how true this is when I see so many people are having such a difficult time with no end in sight. Then I think maybe it's because they are thinking negatively and you draw to you whatever you think. Maybe that's why I don't have who I want in my life right now because he can sense that I wonder if I deserve to have him. I try to be positive but when a person has been disappointed so many times, it is hard to keep yourself up. Do I still believe that if you think good thoughts and are grateful for all that you have that eventually you will have what you want, I do! I just think I have made the road longer by not believing fully that I deserve the best.

So, I have decided to patiently wait for what I want, everything else has come to me, this will too. In the meantime, I plan to work on myself and make myself worthy of what I want. I am trying to be present while eating so that I don't just eat to stuff feelings down, I am fianlly seeing some results. It has been slow going but if I really want to be honest, the weight didn't go on overnight, it will take some time to come off. Next, I need to incorporate some exercise, eating right is great but without exercise it might take a whole lot longer. So, going to attempt to get back to the gym and put some effort in, it will be great to see some real results. I should be able to do this in the next couple of weeks when hopefully I change shifts so that I can go to the gym after work.

I don't want the weight to own me and control how I feel, I want to be able to just get up and go, feeling the best that I possibly can. I just need to put the effort out there, do what I am able and I am sure the rest will take care of itself.

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