Being Happy

I have been feeling compelled to write about what makes me happy. So many people think I am unaware of what it is and they would be wrong. I know what makes me happy, it is my family, my friends and relationships. Lately I have been over the moon with happiness and it comes from something that I know deep down that won't last.  People thinks this might scare me but it doesn't, I want to have this happiness even if it is not meant to last.

Sometimes certain relationships are there for a reason, they are not meant to be there forever. I think when we realize that, we can enjoy and be happy for that reason. I really think that when you try to hold on to things and people, they leave you quicker than if you just enjoy or trust the reason they are there. I have no desire to own or hold on to someone, I desire only to love and care for people in my life.

What I really want is to make the people in my life feel better for having known me, I wish all my family and friends knew how special they are. So many people don't know that, if you are a part of my life, you are extremely special to me.  There is something wonderful that I see and want to have around, I want everyone to see what I see in them.  I think it is why I love people so much, I see how fantastic they are and how they make me feel when they are around me.

I have learned so much in the past few years of my life, I realize that every time my ex said all those hurtful things to me, that he was wrong. It has been so hard to believe that he wasn't right because I allowed myself to believe him.  Why is it is easy to believe the nasty things and not see all the wonderful things in ourselves. I really am a kind, caring and loving person. I have no need or desire to hurt anyone, I truly want the people in my life to be happy.

I want people to be happy, even if they are not with me. I don't feel the need to hurt anyone because they don't want to be with me, I would still want to be friends with them. I came to this realization when someone that I loved so much and for so long, cut me out of their life.  I will never understand why but I also realized, I never want to be like that.

What I really want is that when people think of me, that they smile, laugh and say I made their day brighter and happier.  That's what I want, that is what I work towards each day of my life.

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