Getting Passed My Insecurities

I don't like that I have let my insecurities rule me, when I have not allowed them to own me, I have SO much confidence. When I have let myself believe that small voice that beats me up, I always end up in a dark place. Lately, I have not given it a voice, I deserve better.

I want something so much that I cannot explain it and I realized that I was fearful that I wouldn't have it, fear repels what you really want, so... I have changed my thoughts and I have asked for what I want, I now believe I will have it and I am waiting to receive it :)

It is so good when I get passed some of my insecurities, I am a work in progress and I know that you never get passed them all and then that is it, there is always something to work on.  Which is very good, for if we didn't have goals and challenges we would stagnate and never grow.

Tonight I heard the song 'The Dance' and I really thought about the words, I am so grateful that I don't know how things are going to turn out, I could have missed some fabulous times especially in the past year or so. If I hadn't gone through everything in my life that I have gone through, I never would have taken the opportunity to get to know someone this past year who has become someone that I care a great deal for. If I could have seen into the future and known how hard it would be, I would have passed on knowing him and that would have been a bad choice. So the song, 'The Dance' reminded me that it great that we have no idea where our life is going, we can end up with some wonderful experiences which are worth more than you know.

Tonight I am not afraid and I am ready for the dance where ever it takes me, for however long it lasts. I am actually looking forward to what will happen in my life.  Each experience I have creates a memory that I will have forever. I have had some fabulous experiences this past year with one special person, I look forward to more and for however long it lasts.

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