More Peaceful

I am more peaceful with myself than I have been for a long time, I let something go, something I really wanted and I left it up to fate. I have to accept the way it turns out, whether is exactly what I want or the complete opposite. For the sake of my emotions, I had to give in and let it just be. 

That doesn't mean that I will stop wanting what I want, I will just accept what the future holds and live for the moment. On a great note, I love cooking, I am so grateful that I have felt the spark and desire to cook again.  It all came from wanting to help someone, so it helped me too. Hmm, nice reason to have had someone in your life, there to remind you how much you loved something so much.

On another note, Valentina really is enjoying all this snow, not enough snow can fall for her... she just loves it sooo much. She lives in the moment and awe of it, jumping and sliding through it. I am trying to find a little joy in it too. It's a bit more difficult but I am making the effort.

On a great note, I am thinking about picking up reading again, it has been so long. I used to read a couple of books a month but lately with working and Valentina and travelling. I have found it difficult to find time but I have decided to spend much less time on line. I want to get lost in a really good mystery or thriller with a great twist for the ending, which of course I will read first, lol. 

I am just happy today, really happy. I had a good day at work, I had a ham cooked and scalloped potatoes too. So no cooking over the weekend, it's done. I got to visit a special friend and I got to tuck Valentina into bed. Most of all, I made a decision and I am at peace with it. I am still hoping for what I dream but hey a girl can dream can't she ;)

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