What Should I Do?

The last few days have been busy crazy because of all the snow we have had and being over at a hotel so I could be guaranteed to be at work the next day. I totally missed Valentina and all her cute chatter, she just lights my life up so much. I love after she has a bath and I get her all tucked into bed, all cosy and then I sit on her bed and we read a story together.  I love that time, we get to talk about her day then too.

I've had a lot on my mind lately, I am weighing all my options and trying to figure out which way I want to proceed. I was so sure how I wanted to proceed before but now I just don't know, I am fearful of the roller coaster ride, although amazing and thrilling it can be, it always comes down, which causes me to come down and those times are getting harder and harder to deal with. I feel so strongly that when I am up it is incredible but when I am down it is very sad. I need to even my mood out.

I have to really decide which way I want to go, so I am going to take my time and really make a decision, then stick with it. I need to look after myself too, if I don't I won't be any good to anyone else, least of all me.  I am starting to think about other things, getting back to eating properly, exercising and sleeping better.

On a fantastic note, I think it okay for me blog this as it's not Facebook and not everyone will read this, my older daughter is due to have a baby, due date is July 16, 2011, I believe. I have known for a couple of months and I couldn't say a thing. Anyone that knows me, knows that was so difficult for me, I can keep any ones secret but when it is this exciting, knowing I can finally write about it, I thought I might burst holding it in :) 

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