On The Way

I am on the way, on a path I have long known that I was to follow.  Am I a little afraid, sure... but not to the point of not wanting to take the path.  I love where I am at in my life right now, I like that I am more motivated than I have been in a very long time.

I spent this last week, trying to keep organized so that I could spend time actually cleaning this week.  I was finally able to clean the kitchen floor, stove and fridge.  It looks so good out there, just making me want to do more.  I have purged so much and it feels so good, so energized. 

This week ahead is going to be so busy but it will all be worth it in the end, I will be ready for the next chapter of my life.  The next thing I need to do is start studying for my PCP.  If I am to make headway with work, I need to put more effort out there.  That will be my challenge trying to balance, home, work and fun, I can't allow myself to let it overwhelm me again.  I just need to focus better.

This whole next month is going to be exciting, Andrea will be delivering Jackson Lukka, I hope she and I can work things out sooner than later, I really want to be able to have a relationship with her. She is very important to me, I love her so much. We had question posed at work the other day about who we admired in our lives.  I chose Andrea, she amazes me with how far she has come.  She did not become a statistic of her circumstances, she rised above it all and made something of herself and fell in love with the love of her life. I am extremely proud of her.

I am also watching Valentina grow into a young woman, she is so kind and caring... I want the best for her, I want to nurture her kindness so that she will always be the strong and kind person that she is now. I have been blessed with two wonderful daughters, I am extremely grateful and thankful.

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