Beauty is Individual

 I have been reconnecting with my high school crush, he was the dreamy boy I would let my mind wander about when I was in grade 10 Biology and Math.  He had blonde hair and blue eyes and the most amazing smile.  He used that smile often, I just had to see his face and I would light up.

I found him on Facebook a little over 3 years ago and we chatted off and on, he was always easy to talk to and laugh with.  Suddenly our whole relationship changed on a dime, it was like a whirlwind and so amazing.  We have talked often and really my face hurts from all the smiling.

The other night I told him that I only deserved the best and that he was that, he then said to me, have you ever thought it was me that deserves you?  I seriously almost melted.  I have never thought of myself as beautiful, yes I can be attractive but I had never really believed I was beautiful.  He makes me believe that I am though.

I can believe that he feels this about me because of his honest character and kindness his whole life.  He lives the way he talks, I adore that about him.  He believes in being kind and caring and even though he has had difficulties through out his life, he still continues to be kind and hopeful that all people are not just out for themselves.

There's a song that I think of when I am thinking about him

All I Have

You can say you love me
And I'll believe that's true
Trusting you is easy
'Cause I believe in you
There is nothing I would miss
As long as we're in love like this

All I have is all I need
And it all comes down to you and me
How far away this world becomes
In the harbor of each others arms

I feel like I've known you forever and ever
Baby that's how close we are
Right here with you is where my life has come together
And where love has filled my heart
You know I'd go anywhere
As long as I have you to care


Ooh-and with the love you bring
I never want for anything
I found what I've been searching for in you


I am so excited for the future and he's right, I am beautiful because I am so beautiful on the inside.

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