Euphoric Happiness

 I always felt that I was a very authentic person, if you know me, you really know. I know this because I talk a lot lol ;)

I realized that I have actually guarded myself and hid what I thought people may not have approved of. We all do it to degrees in our relationships.

Have you ever opened up to someone fully and felt accepted no matter what you said?  If you have, then you have found what I have found, that is euphoric happiness:).

I want everyone to have that euphoric happiness and cherish it because it's not a feeling that comes around that often.  I for one won't take it for granted, however; I also know that I am worthy, good enough and deserving. I finally believe that:).

When I learned to love myself amazing things happened.  I now give myself a break when I mess up, I can learn and improve.

Don't settle for less, I never will again:).

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