Goals Are Promises I Make To Myself

The only thing that matters now is my mission.  Nothing will stand in the way anymore.  

Well it is supposed to rain for the next few days so I took the opportunity to walk home from church in my new Nike Air sneakers, they felt amazing... I love them.  I had a backpack and my purse so unfortunately I wasn't as quick as I wanted to be but at least I got out walking.  I am going to have to be creative and ready at a moments notice to just go for a walk when the rain is light.  I don't want to stop walking for 3-4 days just because of some rain.  Besides I am not made of sugar, I won't dissolve by going out for a walk in it.  I just don't want to walk in downpours or if it is thunder and lightening.  This is a wake up call for me and makes me realize I have to have some sort of alternative exercise planned, especially with winter on the way. I have really been spoiled with this summer, I have been able to walk almost every single day for the eleven weeks of the contest.

Besides I am thinking if I join the gym like I wanted to do in the past, this will get Valentina motivated to exercise too... She doesn't enjoy walking like I do but maybe she will enjoy going swimming or working out in other ways.  There is so many things she could do out at the Canada Games Center... I will just have to take the plunge and get signed up and start organizing myself to go out there at least 5 nights a week.  It might get her on a better path than she is on now, which lately has been sitting in front of the TV, a time waster in my mind ... especially since I haven't watched it in over 11 weeks, I wonder how I ever had time... different priorities then...
So, my sister has been here and gone, she and I had that bridge walk together and all I can say is wow, I became more motivated that ever to get better and better with my walking.  I realize I need to pull it up a notch and really push myself.  It is easier when you have someone who you can complete against, although I am always completing against myself to better my last time.  It really helps when you have someone there... I am thinking of getting a group together where we can walk together, it would have to be somewhere cheap because walking outside is going to become more and more difficult to do as the weather gets colder. Anyhow, my sister has come up with an idea to complete against each other, we are going to start tomorrow and see who can lose 10% of their body weight first and we both love Victoria Secret bras and the loser will have to buy the winner one... I told her I want a purple one.

I don't think she knows how motivated I am, she does have to lose less but as competitive as she can be, I am more so... I am willing to do whatever I need to become as healthy as possible. She works more than I do, so I have more time to exercise.  Either way, she and I will be winners because we will both lose... we will be taking pictures weekly of being on the scale and following each other on Fitness Pal...  I can hardly wait to pick out my new bra from Victoria Secret... hahaha.  She told me which one she had her eye one, I told her I am sure she will enjoy buying it for herself.
I am off for the next few days so I will be able to write a little more and get my house back in shape after having guests... something had to give this last week, housework and writing both went by the wayside... but that is okay.  I was able to spend some quality time with my sister and I was able to walk a fair amount for the limited time I had.  I am going to get to take Valentina to her first day of grade 5 on Wednesday, she is just about ready.. we just have to pack up her bag.  I see my doctor on Tuesday, I am sure she will be shocked when she sees how much weight I have lost... although 37 pounds is a lot, it is even more with the inches that I lost.  When I started the contest 11 weeks ago, I never measured myself, I was into the 5th week before I started and in the past 6 weeks, I lost 5 inches off my waist, 5 inches off my hips, 4 inches off each thigh and 3 inches under my chest.  I can only imagine how much I actually lost in inches since the beginning.

I don't want to post a picture of myself until I see David as I want to surprise him with the weight loss, he knows I am losing it but knowing it and seeing it are two different things.  However; I am thinking of putting a picture up on Instagram, if you have an account there than you could see it, I just have to find someone to take the picture for me... I wish it was either my son in law Paul or my daughter Andrea... both of which take amazing pictures of me.  Oh well, I have to be content to find someone else to take the picture.  I will post here to let everyone know when I put the picture up.  I will email it to a few of my friends but I don't want to post it on Facebook just yet... besides I plan to lose more weight and become even healthier than I am now.

So, I have two new goals, one to prepare myself for my 5k walk/run on October 6th and to lose 10% more weight before my sister does, both of which I will be doing.  It feels great to be committed and have goals... I also have a long term goal I am working on, once I get closer to it, I will write about it here, it is just in the beginning stages right now.  Goals are promises I make to myself, getting to each goal means I don't break those promises...
I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future ♥ 


  1. Wow, girl! You are amazing! I bet you get that purple bra! Setting challenges for yourself really keeps you motivated so that's a great idea. I think getting your daughter to go to the gym is wonderful. Young girls usually have horrible body images so she can have fun and get into better shape. I have Instagram just haven't used it much. I'll be looking forward to your pic!

    1. Thank you Betty, once I am motivated... there is little that can take me off course. I too agree joining the gym will be good for Valentina ;-)

  2. Launna continue with your goals and will be able to reach everyone.
    Congratulations on willpower.

    1. Thank you J.C., I am going to continue on this path... I am loving how I feel :)

  3. aw im so curious with the before after photo >.<

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    My online store ^_^

    1. Thank you Inge, do you have Instagram? I am hoping to get a picture done by the end of the week :)


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