Having gratitude

I have been feeling so down and so unloved lately. I need to return to having gratitude for what I have in my life and not dwell on what I don't have. If I keep focusing on what I don't have, I am sure it will consume me and my life is already out of control.

I am grateful and I feel blessed that I have two beautiful daughters that I love with my whole heart.

I am grateful for all my friends, they are always there to make me feel good and to laugh. They may have their opinions but they understand I have to do things my way even if they don't feel it is right. Then if it doesn't turn out, they are still there to give me a shoulder to cry on.

I am grateful for my job, especially in these economic times when people are losing theirs. I feel somewhat safe, I know that as long as I give my best efforts, things should work out for me.

I am grateful that when I have had hard times in the past that I always seemed to be able to weather any storm. I am hoping that the tenacity I have had in the past will help me to get through this very emotional and sad time in my life.

I am grateful that I have had dreams to aspire to, even if they didn't always work out for me, without dreams, there is nothing to work towards. This has been an extremely rough week, every dream I have had has been dashed, it is so hard to keep going when everything I have worked toward is not possible. Now I have to try to come up with another dream, just what it is that I want, I am not sure yet.

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