A judge of character

As each day goes by I find out more and more that I am a terrible judge of character. I think that I really know someone and I find out that I knew nothing about them. I have not always been that bad about people, I used to have a much better intuition before I met my ex-husband. However, since him and all the lovely things he said to tear my character down, I have made one bad judgment call after another. Now I don't know what or who to believe.

I guess I should just be alone, as sad as that will be... it's the only guarantee that I won't be duped again. I have always had a big heart and believed that love was there for anyone who really believed. Now I just don't know anymore. People are such liars and so good at it and I don't know why they would want to be? Don't we all ultimately want to be loved and cherished? It's what I've wanted all my life.

I'm taking a break for awhile and the next time I decide I might like to date, I am going to rethink it before I do it.

I am sad and disappointed that I will be alone, I never wanted this to be what happened!


  1. Launna, I hope you don't mean me. I don't think I have lied to you about anything.

    Get in touch with me, if you can. I left a message on MSN for you.

  2. Roger, not sure if you will get this message, I didn't get the message from you on MSN. I tried to e-mail you and it came back returned. My e-mail is tweety_pie_36@hotmail.com


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