Believe What You See

I heard something powerful that resonated with me tonight.  I'm sure I've heard it before but it never reached me until this time in my life.

It was stated that we need to believe what people show us about themselves because if we don't we will be allowing them to take small pieces of ourselves. After knowing them we will be less then what we were.

That is exactly what I have allowed many men to do to me over and over throughout the years. I refused to believe when people showed their true selves to me.

I finally got that ah ha moment tonight because I have the sweetest kindest man in my life now. He has shown me himself and he has been nothing but sweet and uplifting to me.

I realized I had such little self esteem in the past that I couldn't see that I had allowed men to push me even lower.  I have been thinking and trying to remember when I started believing it was okay for men to treat me badly.

I don't remember the precise moment but I'm sure it was something small, something I let slide that I shouldn't have.   I don't want my youngest daughter to ever think that kind of behavior is okay.

I'm grateful that I finally have a gentleman in my life, someone who makes me feel like a prize. I never knew that could exist but it does. I just had to believe.

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