Never Settle

When I stopped being a victim about my past relationships, I was open to a healthy loving one. I pondered my past relationships and learned the lessons they were meant to bring.  This really made me see, people are in our lives for a reason, we just have to figure out why. 

Being empowered is so much better then living in fear. I don't fear losing this man I'm with, we both feel grateful to have found each other.  We want to be together because we actually like each other, we feel the other person is interesting.

What a novice idea for me and most woman. A man who loves us for ourselves, no games involved. I would never settle for less in the future.

I had to know for myself that I was worthy of real love, when I did, he appeared or re appeared.  This man is my high school crush and since he's always been kind and honest, I can believe him when he tells me loves me.

Settling is sad and if all people could feel real love, they'd want nothing less!

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