Soul Mate

I have spent most of my life thinking if anyone knew me inside that people would be judgmental, I have let some people into my life and my heart.  I have never let anyone in fully, I always felt I had to act a certain way, put on a face. For if they really knew all of me they wouldn't or couldn't love me.  David changed that for me, the more I told him about myself and why I made choices that I've made, the more I wanted to tell him.  He was loving, kind, understanding.

Don't get me wrong, he calls me out on things, he doesn't think that the things I have done are okay, he just understands and doesn't judge me.  It's really scary opening yourself up to someone, I should know... I have rarely done this in my life.  People that know me might be sitting there and wondering really???  I talk about myself a lot, only because I love to talk and I don't want to talk about anyone else unless I was given permission. But what I talk about myself is what I want to share, not everything.

David shares everything with me too, he thinks he has things people would think were odd, I don't think that at all... I think he's amazing.  There is nothing he could tell me that would stop me from loving him and there is nothing or no one that could change how he feels about me. I think that is wonderful and incredible. I finally met my soul mate, the person I feel so comfortable and at ease with. David uplifts me and wants the best for me, he makes me laugh and smile uncontrollably.  What more could anyone ask for in a man, I could ask for nothing more.

I feel so blessed because I know that very few people in this life meet or find someone that they can truly be their selves with, mainly because as much as we want that special someone, we are too afraid to be our selves. We are fearful that if we are, they will leave us, stop loving us... I don't feel that with David, I feel safe with him, I feel safe with us.

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