I am taking a self awareness course and this quote was posed, "The quality of your life is directly related to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with. Tony Robbins", told by Mastin Kipp♥".  We all need certainty but as much as we need this, we cannot have it all the time, if we did... we would be bored.  So, we need uncertainty as well to thrive.  As soon as I heard that I knew how true it was, we need uncertainty as it can bring excitement.  However; we cannot have total uncertainty, it can be reckless.

If I am ever to grow, I have to give up the need to have total certainty in my life, if I don't I will never have any of my dreams or desires.  I have stopped myself from having what I need by not always allowing myself to be open to change.  We all do this to a different degrees due to the fear of the unknown.  

Anytime I have allowed myself to be open to change, that is when I have grown the most.  I have had disappointment and sadness in my life, we all have but if we close ourselves off due to the pain we cannot have what we need and want.  This past year of my life, I have been more open than I have ever been, this was when I knew that I was meant to be there for a very good friend, I was meant to help them.  I was extremely happy to do this for my friend, I never felt it was an imposition.  I would do this again in a moment. 

I also reconnected with my friend who is my soul mate, it's so amazing to have that relationship in my life. If I had not been open to doing what I knew I should, I never would have been open to my friend.  Then when things did not work out perfectly right away, I started to close up, my excuse... I was sad.  I didn't want to feel the pain.  I stopped my growth with fear.  In this past week, I have realized that I need to open up again, regardless of the outcome, I need to do this to grow. 

As scary as I know it will be... I need to embrace the uncertainty.

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