Remember Not To Judge

 I have been thinking about how people judge each other, I don't understand why we do this though. Who are we to think we have the right to judge another person?  There are things I have done that I don't tell many people because I know they would look at me differently when the truth is we all have those things to different degrees.  I have been open and honest with the right people, people who don't judge me, they love me.

You know what is even worse is having someone judge you for what other people in your life have done!  Just because you are involved with another person, does not mean that what they have done should reflect on you.  I am thinking about a close friend of mine who is being ridiculed and made to feel like she is a pariah because of something someone else did.  She is the kindest, most loving woman I know; I cannot fathom how people can continue to judge other people when I know we all have secrets that we would not want everyone to find out for fear we would be treated differently.

I have learned many things over my lifetime and I am sure there are many other things I will learn.  I know that when I was in my 20's I tended to judge other people; wow... who did I think I was?  I had no right, no one does.  Yes there are actions that are atrocious and unspeakable, still though is is up to us treat people the way we think they should be treated.  I want everyone to stop and think for just one moment, think about something you may have done in your past that you have changed but would you still want everyone to know about?

Now think about how awful it would be to judged on another persons mistakes or behaviors?  How would that feel?  I couldn't imagine, nor do I want to as it has to be extremely painful.  The truth is exactly what that saying says 'Judge not, less you be judged'.


  1. Nice to have your connection. I appreciate your follow!!! Yes, I do agree that to judge only brings harm to oneself and another. I intention is to always find the good in people, sometimes I do fall off the path, so to speak, but can usually see my judgement and then open my heart even further.

  2. Thank you Suzanne, I always try to find the good in all people and all situations until they prove me wrong. Even then I don't judge them..


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