Travelling And Seeing We Are All The Same

Now that I have been reading blogs from people around the world, I have a desire to see even more of it.  I have learned that although there are differences in our languages and our cultures, we really all are the same, we want to be loved, we want to be seen.  The world is actually a small place, especially since the internet has brought us together at the touch of a key stroke.

I used to think I never wanted to travel but that changed in the last five years, now I cannot wait for the chance to travel. There are so many places I want to explore, so many experiences I want to have.  I watch 'The Amazing Race' all the time and I see countries I never even heard of and they are all so beautiful.  I am also so grateful that the internet can almost instantly translate any language.  I have learned so many things about so many people.

I would love to travel this world with my best friend David, he wants to see so many different countries, we could choose a few of each of what we want to see and then view them all together.  My oldest daughter Andrea and her husband Paul went to Italy, she said it was so beautiful and how much they loved their time there, I am so happy they went there together before they had Jackson... it's an experience they had together they will always have.

I really believe by traveling that we open our minds and hearts to other people and their cultures.  I also believe by doing this, we can become closer to each other when we can all see that we really are much more a like than we ever would have thought possible.  I love this earth and all the beauty that is available for us to see and explore.


  1. Hello Launna. I agree with you. Travelling opens your mind and you can find many differents things, but also you can see that life is not so differente in such far places. And now internet gives a good opprtunity to know places and people like us and we can have a good time reading our blogs. Greetings from Spain, my friend

  2. Thank you Armando, it is wonderful how the internet brings us so close. I love your pictures on your blog

  3. I love travelling and the internet too for the same reasons. Was lucky enough to go to Bali at Christmas and had a blast and did not want to leave. My blog Weird Wonderful World might appeal to your travelling bug - the latest 2 posts are on amazing valleys and lakes in the Bamyian. Do you know where that is?.

  4. Hi Weird Wonderful World, I didn't know where Bamyan was located until I just read your blog... what amazing and beautiful pictures, I am following you know:)


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