How Do I Know It's My Truth?

I heard something this morning that made me really think.  It was how I must have given up on what I wanted because I stopped believing in the truth.  I knew as I know now that I want to be unwavering.  Why did I waiver?  It's like I didn't want to succeed.

I've been praying for many things lately, one thing that I never strayed from, I actually gave up for about a week.  Then lo and behold, I see what happened by my giving up on what I knew should be.  Then I wondered if it has to be like this for me to grow?

Maybe if I were to get my way so easily that I would just settle for less.  The
more I have to pray for something, the stronger I become knowing the path that leads me to my truths.   I was questioning this a lot this week, wondering if I really knew what was right.   I came to the conclusion that I'm even stronger in my belief of where I'm meant to be.

Sometimes it is the hard times where the answer is no for just now.  However; keeping the faith for the future as the answer will not always be no, the future is as I've dreamed it will be.

I think it could have happened sooner but I wasn't ready for it, I'm preparing to be ready at a moments notice.  Any day I could be called to be ready, ready to make a change just like that.   I will be ready for the change when it happens, I will rise to the challenge, the challenge of truth.

I will follow the path I'm meant to be on, follow to wherever it leads!  One day my hearts desire will  lead me home to where I'm meant to be; exactly where I've known all along I should be.   

What is your truth and how can you follow it?   I have to have a strong belief, I have to pray never ending and I have to never give up on what I truly know.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield 


  1. I can relate! In my case I tend to over-analyze even the simplest of things and as a result I end up missing the answers when they arrive. Sometimes those answers end up being so simple as well that I find myself going "doh!" :-) I know that whatever happens Launna that u will be so ready and amazing because you have been prepared for it. God is directing your paths. Be ready to receive!

    1. Thank you Brenda, I am ready for that path... I know exactly where it will lead:)

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    greetings from Jakarta Indonesia :)

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