Where Our Thoughts Go We Follow

Where our thoughts go, we follow! Thoughts are the hardest things to control, we seem to just let them go in any direction they please.  I have seen when I'm in tune with what I want and how my daydreams, thoughts give me my desires when I focus.  It's me that gives up, has fears and fails. 

If we really knew how powerful our dreams and thoughts were, we  might be more careful about what we think about or we might open up the whole way. 

When David and I looked like we were actually going to get together, I didn't have a dream that it could or would go further.  I didn't believe in us enough, I actually thought I was incredibly lucky that he was even interested in me... That was my thought, what did the Universe give me?  Exactly what I thought. 

Over the past 7 months, I've grown and I have come to believe that David was just as lucky to have me.  I've learned of my self worth a lot in the recent past and I've even told David that he gave up the best woman for him ~ me!   He will never find anyone who loves, cares about him and who will be completely honest with him.  He'll never have anyone he can be himself with totally; that is so very rare to find. 

David tells me often that I'm a wonderful woman, I tell him, I'm amazing and don't forget it.  I know there is a reason that it all went this way but I do wish sometimes that I'd have had more confidence in myself.  I feel that hindered me because there definitely were no issues in our relationship. 

We are super close, totally honest and open with each other, no matter what, we respect each other, don't judge each other and we don't argue with each other.  You can't ask for much more.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield 

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