Changing Insecurities To Strengths

Last night I went to post and my computer was acting up.  I had to do a total reboot with the system verification.  I ended up going to bed as I had my doctors appointment today, the leg is looking better daily... I have a follow up in a month and it looks like I will be back to work in two weeks.  Unfortunately I will still be having my leg wrapped and using my lovely cane but it will be good to get back to having day to day contact with everyone.

I read the above quote about how we compare ourselves to others but not in the same light.  It's like the way we judge each other as women to whether we work in the home or outside of the home.  I know we all have an opinion on this one way or the other, I actually feel like I am a better mother working outside of the home.  I also have to work as I am a one income family but even if I wasn't I would want to work or at least  volunteer.  Besides Valentina is going to be ten years old.... I think it is wonderful if a woman can stay home and raise her children, however; in this economy it is not always plausible.

What I don't understand more than anything is why any of us would want to tear another one of us down, we know how it feels, we know how difficult we would be making it for someone else. We know what insecurities that it can cause to another person, yet we somehow blind ourselves to how our words, actions or judgements can really affect someone. 

Taking someone down will never lift us up, it will only serve to lower us even more.  I believe in positive reinforcement to each other and definitely a lot less judgment... Instead of judging anyone, how about helping them out, finding out their story... giving service.

The last quote just touched me and I have been thinking about all of my insecurities but mostly the ones I have when I am in love.  When a relationship doesn't work out, I immediately start critiquing myself, it must be because of one or more shortcomings I never fail to see.  I have been feeling a little lost in those insecurities about myself due to all the emotional things going on in my life.  I think it's sad that I pick myself apart to find out why something didn't work out instead of thinking it just might be outside forces.

Old habits are hard to break but not impossible, I have worked hard to not judge another person, now I just need to apply that to myself more.

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


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