Fear Can Be A Good Intuition

I read a book called 'The Gift Of Fear' in the mid eighties... I never forgot the message of the author.  What it stated was that women have a tendency to be too nice and most of all we don't listen to our own intuition.  We think we are being silly or rude, so we ignore our own feelings.

About a year after I read the book, I was coming home in a taxi.  We drove by two guys walking away from my building... I suddenly had a feeling to have my keys out and be ready to get into my building.  No sooner did I think that and I saw the two guys turn back towards my building.

I felt a healthy fear that made me calmly and quickly enter my building, the door usually closed slowly but something told me to take a moment and push it shut.  I raced to my apartment, entered and then stood behind the door listening.

Within a moment I heard two mens voices in the hall... one of them said 'Where did she go so quickly?' and the other one sounded just as bewildered.  I was standing behind the door shaking, realizing that I had felt fear and I had listened to myself even though I thought it was silly and I was grateful for that.

I have had a few of these incidents in my life... I was always grateful when I listened to my inner intuition.

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Every time I ignore mine consciously, it bites me. Wise words.

  2. Thank you Sarah... mine bites me too when I ignore it....

  3. I definitely feel that fear is a good intuition - it is a sense that is there for a reason sometimes :)

    I hope you had a good weekend!

  4. Thank you Keith... we should listen to our intuition more, you're right... it's there for a reason ;-)

  5. Although I agree that women seem to be more intuitive, men also have this as well.

    There have been many times when I sensed something is not right and that fear factor kicks in. My senses become very alert to everything and everyone around me, although I may not be totally aware of what exactly is going on.

    We react to fear in so many different ways and it can sometimes provoke a fight or flight response. Launna, you was quick enough to be calm and make a very good decision to get into your property as quick as possible, but some people get stuck and don't know what to do and could have panicked in the process allowing those men to catch up with them. We unfortunately sometimes get to hear about the aftermath of those stories.

    Anyway, before I start to ramble, I really enjoyed reading your post.

  6. OMG that is so scary, Luanna!!! I'm so glad you listened to your inner voice. I know I always listen to mine!

  7. Hi Rum-Punch, I think all people are intuitive, we really have to learn to listen to ourselves :)

    I just think women tend to phoo phoo it and not listen like they should.

    Thank you for your comment :)

  8. Thank you Marcia... it was scary and I was grateful that I listened... it is good that I did heed that fear :)

  9. What a scary thing to have happen. I'm glad you listened to your instincts.

  10. Thank you Daisy... it was incredibly scary... it made me want to listen more.... ;-)

  11. I read that book too! So good. I'm glad you listened to yourself that day....what a scary thought! So often we DO ignore what we think is just being paranoid. So thankful you did not dismiss yourself and inner feelings.

  12. Thank you Joy... I'm grateful that I didn't dismiss my inner feelings either:-)

  13. Launna:
    I could feel your heart fasting when you were writing this post. I'm glad that you listened to your inner voice. You are fabulous!!!
    Big hug,

  14. Thank you Suzanne... my heart really did beat faster when I wrote this post... that was a very scary incident...



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