The Past, Present and Future

The past, something I thought I had conquered and overcome... do we ever really overcome it.  I think it's always there lurking ready to remind us where we have come from.

People say that the present is the only thing that we need to worry about... that there is nothing else. If that is true, how come no matter how we try to overcome the past, where we have come from, it is still there. Reminding us that we have come far but not far enough. It reminds us of all the mistakes we have made that got us to where we are today.It reminds us of what we have lost and can't get back.  It reminds us that we are human and that no matter what we think now our past always reminds us where we have been.

The future is just memories waiting to be created. I was hoping that somehow... they would be good ones, with better outcomes.  Maybe some people are not meant to have the good outcomes. I wanted to somehow believe that I could overcome everything that held me back.

Now I just don't know anymore... it seems the harder I try the more obstacles come my way. Obstacles that seem insurmountable, I want to believe that I am strong enough but I haven't seen that lately, where is that girl, the one that is positive and optimistic. Could all of that been taken away on one night? Am I never going to get her back?  I want to win and succeed, I just don't know how to do it from here.

I can't let one night destroy me... if I do... he wins. But how do I win?