Changing our thoughts

I just read this quote and I am a quote fanatic for anyone that really knows me;) It went like this 'You are the author of your life, choosing how to believe, live and love.' Most people don't want to believe the truth because if they did, they would realize that they wasted a lot of their life being victims. I wasted some time.. but I no longer beat myself up over that, I have moved on and I know that I am lucky and blessed that I know that all I had to do was change my thoughts. I had a horrible day on Friday and I could have let it own me but I turned it around and I ended up having a fantastic weekend. 

I have seen this concept change my life easily, there are times that I think, I can't get passed something in my life, be it a thought, a vice... whatever, but when I truly decide in my head to make the change, it is almost instantaneous, which makes me laugh sometimes, that it took me so long to make the right decision for me. 

Lately though, I have found that when I am having a bad day that I am able to turn it around faster because I keep this thought in my head at all times. My thoughts are creating my circumstances and I alone can change those thoughts, We all can, when we really believe. 

I know there are circumstances that happen in our lives that are out of our control but how we choose to react to them is what sets us apart. I choose to always look for the good, I am the eternal optimist, it is so much better than being a pessimst. You get exactly what you expect.

That is why I expect to be with the love of my life, for I know that what I believe is what I will have. It may not be tomorrow but it will be, Some things are just meant to be and this is one of them. 



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