The Right Decision

I've had to make some hard decisions this week. not life changing but difficult ones. Everyone who knows me, knows what my one main desire in life is... I have been working towards that goal for the past couple of years.

For right now, in this moment... I am letting that goal go. For the long term it is still what I want but I have come to realize that if I had that goal in my life right now... it wouldn't work. So many things have to change for it to work right now. As hard as it is to give up on a dream in the here and now and it is difficult. I know that ultimately I will attain the main goal that I want more than anything.

I just have to move on with my life with all my other little goals and trust that when the time is right that it will all lead to the my one hearts desire. I just knew that if I kept pushing for it in the here and now that I would I have it but would it really last? Do I really want it before I am ready to have it? The answer is no, I want it when I am supposed to have it and when it will truly last! For I will never truly be happy until I have it for a certainty and not just for a short time.

I am going to relax, enjoy myself and prepare myself for what will come.

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