Trying to understand some people

I guess I will NEVER understand some people, what in the world do they possibly gain from hurting other people? I have been wondering this and talking to some of my friends about this and they have all made me come to the conclusion as follows: I am never going to be able to understand this because I don't think that way, I don't think about trying to hurt other people, I always want the best for people, I want everyone to be happy and to have what they need. I don't want to put people down or in a place that is less than what they want. 

I am so into honesty, I beg for this from people... yet they think that I don't want this and they lie. Believe me, lying is the worst thing you can do for a person, if you were just up front and honest we could all move on, why would you not want to move on... you have no answer???

This past week I have felt like I was in high school again, where I was the weird unpopular girl when really I am the friendly, outgoing and honest girl. I am about all about being gentle and being loving, it's all I have ever wanted... and yet it eludes me. 

I am grateful that I know deep down inside that I am a good person and I deserve good things and most of all good things are happening to me now and in the future. It cannot be denied me, if this is what I give out, this is what I will have in return. This has been a tough week but one that I have needed to grow, those are the hardest but in the end the most rewarding. There are great things around the corner, I just have to keep focused... I will attain all that I desire and who I desire.

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