Fairy Tale Love

Ever since I was a little girl, I've only wanted one thing in my life and that was to love someone and have them love me.  You'd think that would have been an easy task to fulfill.

I mean it's not like wanting to be rich or famous, where you have to hope for some good luck.  I figured all I would have to do was be a good, kind, honest and loving woman.  I was sure I would find that one guy.

Unfortunately, I had to go through some very rough and nasty times that could have broken me but I always I rose above it all and became stronger. Along this rough path I chose, I never seemed to meet that one sweet, honest and loving man.

Then out of nowhere, like a fairy tale, I connected with a man I have known for years. I had an insane crush on him when I was 15.  We connected in a way that neither of us have with anyone else.

The fairy tale went on; he was truly interested in me. We laughed together all the time, had non stop conversations. Whether it was on Skype, chat or on the phone, we couldn't get enough of each other.

 He was able to visit me after 6 weeks of us reconnecting. We had been talking for 3 years but talking intensely for 6 weeks.  It was amazing, he fulfilled a fantasy of mine and he brought a dozen red roses to my work. He told the receptionist that he had flowers for me and he was my soldier boy from out west.

It was all very romantic.  He was as kind and sweet as he always was. He held my hand while walking, opened the car doors, all the sweet stuff most men leave out.  I loved him before he even visited me but I came to love him more each day we spent together.

It was so hard to let him go when the time came as I had finally found that lost piece of myself. Fate or destiny whatever you want to call it gave me a piece of heaven. It's a time in my life that I will cherish for the rest of my life; I am so blessed and grateful to have him in my life.

The future is uncertain but I hold out hope that the whole fantasy will be a reality some day. All the missing puzzle pieces will be together one day.  Until that day I will work on being the best me.


  1. This made me cry. You deserve so much more. I wish you could find a guy who wouldn't hurt you for once. I don't think it's too much to ask to love and be loved. It's what we all want. Hugs!

  2. He seems a great guy, Launna. If you love each other, don't let him go. I just hope everything will turn out right.

  3. The feeling of being loved is as good as the feeling of love. Truthful and pure!

  4. Thank you Rhodora, he is the most amazing man I have ever known, he is my true soul mate, I will have to wait and see... I have never loved anyone so much in my life:)

  5. Yes Jaqueline, I love David so much, nothing can change how I feel about him. Our love transcends romantic love, we really are true soul mates who get each other totally :)

  6. Your story made me cry. I was touched with it. Fairy tale like love story is also what I'm dreaming of. Ill pray that it will soon be a reality for your love story. I believe that if that someone is really meant for you then time will find a way. Just hold on to it and never lose hope:)

  7. Thank you Debbie, you made me cry to know I touched you too, I really appreciate your letting me know:)


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