I've spent my life going from one challenge to another, somehow growing from each one and learning lesson after lesson.  Not always happy learning them all but ultimately grateful for each and everyone of them as I was able to see why I had to go through certain things to get to where I am today.

One thing that I missed was having a friend I could talk to often, almost daily... the kind of friend I could tell anything to and know that I would never be judged.  I lost a very very good friend like that nine years ago. I have some wonderful friends that I can talk to and that I love.  Now I have that special friend who makes me top priority and I do the same for him.

It's more amazing than I ever knew it could be.  This friend is my best friend, I love him with my whole heart.  The greatest thing is that not only would I do anything for this person, he would do the same for me.  I feel so safe with him, I have been able to tell him my inner most secrets and he has done the same with me.  We are connected so strong emotionally that it sometimes takes my breath away.

Once again, I have had to deal with something so challenging this week that I was sure it would break me but my friend was there, loving me, not judging me and before I knew it I started feeling better, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I credit this to my friends and my very special friend who continually checked on me, let me talk, let me cry, let me rant and never made me feel small and insignificant.

I will be there for him for the rest of my life and I know he will be there for me too.  I feel so grateful to have found this close and special friend so late in my life.  I know I will have challenges to deal with in the future but I know I will have him beside me with each and every challenge I have to overcome.

Friends are wonderful and special close friends are amazing. 

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