Learning To Love

I saw this quote on Susanna's blog Behind My Eyes .  She is the Latter Day Saint teenager who lives in Finland who has inspired me each time I read her posts for the past 9-10 months.  These are all simple, yet very true ways to bring love into your life.

I also read an article on how if we missed hugs or love when we were children that we need to just hug people until we feel comfortable with it and the same goes about love.... this goes for about anything.  I know this is true when I was overwhelmed with how my home was out of control.  I kept saying, I wish I had the energy to get it organized, I just had to take the first step and start, I kept moving forward and my home finally became a place where I can feel pleased and grateful and I did it all with taking the first step.
I have started using this process in many aspects of my life, with work, I am just taking on cases that normally I would beg someone else to handle, now I am making the time to understand how something works.  I am also using it with exercise, I am putting the effort forward to walk as much as possible, so that I will be ready to pick up running when I am given the green light from the doctor.

I am going to start watching TV again soon and I am making it mandatory to exercise in some way to have the privilege of being able to watch any shows... believe me, I will really have to want to watch the show as I know I won't want to exercise for 3-5 hours per day.  I think I might be good for an hour... or less!  Then again, the more TV I watch the thinner I will get... lol.
I was truly inspired by the quote above, I really think if we all took one or two of these items each day and worked on making them a part of our lives that before you know it, love would be a huge part of us.  The more we love, the more we draw love to us...  So pick a couple, listen (without interrupting), speak (without accusing), give (without sparing), pray (without ceasing), answer (without arguing), share (without pretending), enjoy (without complaint), trust (without wavering), forgive (without punishing), promise (without forgetting).
I am going to enjoy without complaining and give without sparing to start with, I plan to add to these as I move forward.  I know I will have challenges and trials, I am going to work on remembering that trials will help me grow.  That is not so easy while I am going through a challenge but I am going to make a concerted effort to remind myself daily.

I have a very large challenge in front of me, I am requesting any prayers or positive thoughts.  I am more than willing to do the same for anyone who needs prayers or positive thoughts as well. 

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. This is a wonderful, uplifting and positive post, Launna. Prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way from me. Wishing you well.

  2. Thank you Daisy... I really appreciate the prayers and positive thoughts.

    I am working on overcoming something and I need all the strength I can get:)

  3. I loved the final quote! I am a staunch proponent of hugs and physical touch. It's been the language of love in my family my whole life. Not too long ago, I ran across a website for a book about this - the language of love. I took the quick online quiz to determine which category I fall into w/ love language, and I wasn't surprised to learn that my love language is Touch.

    If I could get multiple daily hugs, I would be thrilled, but sadly, that doesn't happen. I do make sure to express the love I feel for those I hold in my heart when I see or speak to them, though.

    I think your approach of baby steps with each process is a healthy and kind one. Much easier than trying to tackle new habits full force. I will lift you up in prayer, sweet girl. You're already deep into success with this. :)

    - Dawn

  4. I believe in hugs and physical touching... I hug my children as much as I can, just out of the blue. My 'D' is the best hugger I have ever met, I always felt so safe when he held me in his arms. Thank you so much for your comment Dawn;

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  6. Hi Anonymous, thank you for the lovely comment, you never left your name? :)


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