My Best Friend David

Everyone that reads my blog knows of my David, I met him when I was 15, he was and is one of the kindest, sweetest men I have ever met.  He was a sweet boy that grew into a wonderful man.  Although he and I talked at great length when we were 15, he never talked about his rough upbringing.  I don't feel that it is my place to say it all here, suffice to say he was raised by a single mother in a very poor upbringing financially.

David loves his mother and respects her very much.  I told him once or twice that his mother raised a really nice boy and I meant it.  For all that he went through, he could have become cold and uncaring.  However; he married and had two children, that he loves with all his heart.  Though the marriage did not last after 18 years, he was the best daddy he could be, he cares so deeply about his children.

His son Chris has so many issues with his health, David is there for him, constantly worrying for him and trying help him from a distance.  Chris is 21 years old, has so many issues and has had a stroke at his young age.  I feel so sad for David about what he is dealing with Chris, I pray for them both every day.

You can tell what a wonderful daddy he is by how his daughter Stephanie is with him, she is a daddies girl and I think that is wonderful.  She's in university now and living in Halifax with her mom but she keeps close contact with her daddy and they are never far from each others thoughts.  I am in awe of how close they are and often wish that I had been that way with my father.

Of course I am partial to my D as he came back into my life, exactly when I needed him.  I had gone down a road after Andrey raped me and I was so self loathing of myself.  Then David came along and showed me I was worth more than that, I deserved to be loved.  He told me time and again, I was not my past and because he is an honest person, I believed him and changed my life by 180 degrees.

Even when it didn't work out romantically for us, he was there for me.  It's too bad his heart belonged to someone who didn't deserve it but that is life.  We have had a bit of rough time the past couple of months because I didn't know how to let go but we are getting back to our close friendship again.  I am really grateful for that, he centers me when I feel like I am spinning out control.  He sees the best in me when I find it hard to see anything good.

I will always love him and I will always wish the best for him.  I want him to be happy, very happy.  I could wish nothing less for him.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield


  1. He is a very special man, I'm so glad he and I are friends. He makes my life happier with him in it. Thank you Daisy:).

  2. David has a warm kind face Launna. I am glad he is part of your life. We all need a David in our lives. Smiles.

  3. Awe, that is so sweet, I think so too;). I'm lucky to have my D in my life and he's lucky to have me;).


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