Maybe One Day, The Words Of You Won't Spill Out Of Me (.As Far As The Eye Can See.)

I have been following a blog for well over a year now, it is called .As Far As The Eye Can See.  The author of this blog goes simply by the name of S. ... She writes some of the most beautiful poetry and thoughts I have had the pleasure to read... by following her I have met some equally talented writers.  I would love to name them all but I fear I might leave someone out and I don't like to do that.
This morning I opened S. latest blog and I was floored by what she wrote... it was simple yet profound.  The link to this post is Poisoned ink  This is what she wrote:

As much as I can claim that it happened years ago (or yesterday), it hasn't.  I guess, when I've truly purged you from my system, I'll know. 
It will be when I go to write and you are not the one that leaks out. 


I felt like she was writing my thoughts, there are days I sit down to blog because I feel a strong desire to do so...  and usually  it ends up being about my 'D' ... with this thought... I feel that there is hope that one day I will sit down to write and my David won't spill out all over the blank page.  

I would write about him every single day but I don't let myself... maybe one day I will have written it all and I won't feel the need to write about him... maybe I will sit down and nothing about him will come out.  Hmmm... probably not but I can dream... 
I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Launna, it sounds as if you've been kicked around. No one deserves that. R

  2. Thank you Rick... I have been kicked around but not not by my David...:-)

  3. That is a great quote. It definitely takes time for the person you once loved to hop off of the tip of your tongue and never return. Sometimes you never get over them and the pain of missing them just lessens over time. It will happen for you, Launna :) Some day.

  4. it sound great :) i wish you all the best :)

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  5. Thank you Jaimie... I am hoping that one day I will sit down and that my first thought will not be about David... hmmm

    We will see :/

  6. Thank you Kwok... I visited your blot and left a comment... I am also following you on Google + :)

  7. Hi Launna....I really like that quote....It's positive and full of hope. Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

  8. Thank you Nikki... I think what S. wrote was beautiful :)

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  10. Thank you Bisma, I will certainly take a look at your blog :)

  11. I'm glad my post was able to speak to you.
    All the best in this period of adjustment.


    1. Thank you S. I truly appreciate this comment from you ;-)


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