Nothing Is Going To Stop Me‏

I am so proud of myself... I walked for a total of 75 minutes today... it was for 3.25 miles.  Some of it in the rain... some up a huge hill. I sent up a few prayers of gratitude that I am able to walk, I am blessed.

My Valentina did the hill with me and complained the whole time... I told her too bad, get over it, we are walking.  I finally had to tell her not to talk because I needed all my air to get up the hill.  All I can say is she is in for a rude awakening... we are going to walk whenever possible... we both need to get healthy.

I cannot remember a time I was this dedicated to eating right and exercising.  Usually it is one or the other but hardly ever both together.  I am loving this commitment I have made to myself... I have shown myself I matter... that is the biggest blessing I've learned. 

I'm not hiding my emotions with anything... I was the master of covering them so I didn't have to deal with my issues.  I was great at talking about what I needed to do.. now I'm walking the walk in more ways than one... I am so thrilled with myself.

I am a little over a month from turning 50 [July 23 is the big day]... I am at least 80 pounds over weight and I am not letting it stop me.  There are NO excuses for this girl anymore... I am done crying and being sad about where my life is... I'm changing it right here and now.

A couple of people at work said to tell everyone I'm 49 again... I said heck no... I'm going to be 50 and proud of it... I look darned good for being 50 and I'm not embarrassed to say it. I know some women my age who have let themselves go with not coloring their hair, dated clothing and in general with the way they act.

That will not be me, I'm proud to be turning 50 soon... I had to go through a lot to get doesn't mean I have to look like it... I can be sexy and 50... there's NOTHING wrong with that.
I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Launna you're a winner ... you can! :)

  2. Thank you Luis... that's very sweet of you to sat;-)

  3. I am very proud of you and very happy for you. I wouldn't be able to tell your age, because your thinking is pure and untarnished.
    Exercise is very good, but seventy five minutes in a stretch is along time. I hope that you keep yourself hydrated. Also keep up the good work.

  4. My family and myself have been sick for over sick weeks. I am not so sure if it is some kind of flu, but he bug seems to welcome it self and hang around LOL

  5. Thank you Munir... I'm sorry to hear you are ill... I hope you feel better soon.

    Don't worry... I didn't do 75 mins together... it was throughout the day;-)

  6. Hi, Launna. Nice to meetcha. I wandered over here from Keith's blog. (The existential optimist... don't you just LOVE the questions he poses?)

    I really appreciate your optimistic can-do attitude. My kinda gal! Keep up the good work with the exercise. I used to be really good about exercising, but as I've gotten older, the most svelte part on me is my fingers, from spending so much time typing at the computer.

    Count me in as your newest groupie!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. Your determination and "can do" attitude rocks! I can't wait to see what you are saying a year from now as a result. And don't worry about Valentina. She'll come around. My girls were the same way at first when I started walking whenever possible. I giggled when you said you told her to be quiet! I've been there! Keep on Darling!!

  8. That's an awesome walk Launna! It feels refreshing doesn't it?

  9. Awe thank you Susan, I really appreciate the kind comments, I am following your blog now too :)

  10. Thanks Joy... I hope I am saying great things a year from now and ten years from now...

    Right now I am building leg muscle walking... soon to be running, hopefully no later than the early fall. I do have to do some core strength training...

    I am determined and I will not give in... :)

  11. Thank you Keith, it was a few awesome walks, the hardest one going up that hill... I did it though, I am so proud of me and Valentina :)

  12. Hi Tr3nDyGiRL, I will certainly check out your blog... :-D


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