Chaos Precedes Change

I am going to take the night off of writing, so that I can attempt to do a blog revamp on my own... I am not the least bit technical so wish me luck, I am going to need  I just want to simplify it with less wild colors and not so busy.  I would ask my very talented daughter Andrea to do this for me... but she already did this for me a couple of years ago, plus she is super busy with my handsome, adorable grandson Jackson.  Also, they are coming home to Halifax the end of this month, I am super excited...

My boss is working on getting me a few days off so I can spend time with them when they are here, as Andrea and I want to go zip lining in the valley... woot... lots of pictures of that will be posted, me screaming at the top of my lungs... haha.

Anyhow, hopefully I will be able to fix my blog up the way I want... at least until Andrea has time to do something over the summer.  I am grateful that I am feeling better and more hopeful, I am glad I put the fear where it belonged, far away from me.... I am so much more relaxed, facing the fear does that :)

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Thank you Inge... I hope it is easier to read... It was way too busy... :)

  2. Such pretty colours. Your blog is beautiful.
    It is true about change specially good changes that they come after some struggle.
    Take care of yourself.

  3. Thank you Munir, it's hard to get through the struggles but it is always worth it... sometimes we just don't see it :)


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