Trusting myself to make the right decision

This week went by quickly but it was so jam packed that my mind was overwhelmed with everything that went on.

I had a rough week at the gym, not because I didn't want to go, I got out of the routine. So, back to the routine next week with no excuses.... I can't wait. It made me feel so wonderful putting so much energy into helping myself to be better, stronger and have more energy.

I have also had some difficult thought provoking questions to handle this week as well, hmmmm.... just not sure where to go with some of the questions, both of them could be huge changes... one involves trusting myself. Do I really trust myself to make the right decision? I honestly want to believe that I have changed for the best and that I have learned to trust my decision making abilities. Just because I have not always made the right decision in the past does not mean that I cannot make better ones in the future.

Why do I doubt myself because of what other people say? I need to jump in with both feet and give myself the chance to really be fully happy. I have that opportunity.... I am going to go for it. Really what is the worst thing, I could be disappointed, so what? If I don't take the opportunity, I really believe I will be more than disappointed, I will be stopping myself from progressing. Progressing is the only true way to be happy. Staying in one spot keeps you back.

So next week is all about me getting to the gym, being a better mother and giving myself the opportunity to have an all consuming happiness. I am looking forward to this week, my heart is racing at what can be, I haven't been this excited for a very long time. So long, I almost forgot the feeling, it's back now;)

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