Setting Small Goals

I have to say I honestly do not miss TV, I thought that it was going to be so challenging and difficult.  Maybe it's because there are only repeats on but I'm really not even thinking about what I might be missing.  I think I could go without the TV, not so sure my little Valentina could do without it, I think it would be great for her as most of the shows she watches are really mindless.  However; that will be her decision, mine is to just have her cut back, which she is doing.

One week into the cleanse and I am really grateful, it's not easy but I know that it will help to center me, I really need that, I was so very lost for the last month.  I was sure that I could not take another let down, I had dealt with too much.  Now that I am one week into this, my focus is a bit more clear, I am not saying life is beyond wonderful at the moment but it is better.  I don't feel like crying every other second.

My leg has not and is not healing, I see the specialist on September the 4th, with Cindy (my sitter and good friend).   I need someone there who will make the doctor see that it is NOT good, the last time he looked at it he said, that looks good... REALLY???  I do not want to see what he thinks looks bad!  That must be beyond horrible.  Anyhow, I do think somethings will be set in motion and finally I will have a plan to have my leg looked after.

Either way, I will be ready to start to run, probably a lot of walking to begin with, we all have to start somewhere.  I am really super excited about finally starting.  Probably just another week... then I will be unstoppable.  I am not even going to run to lose weight, it might be a by product, I just want to feel strong and healthy, that is my goal.

I am praying so much for my "D's" son Chris, I worry non stop about David and his son.  Especially since my "D" is so far away from him and he's not able to get home right now.  In this moment all of his emotions and attention are on Chris as it should be.  I will double my efforts with prayer, he really needs some good news, he's lost his faith a little.  I don't want him to feel as if all he's had are non stop trials, something good has to happen for him soon.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield

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