Some Of My Favorite Blogs

I'm going to write about a few of my favorite blogs, okay... a lot of my favorite blogs.  I'm still not feeling my best so I thought I would write about people who inspire me, uplift me, make me think.

Rebecca from 'Stop being inappropriate with your bread!' , she writes with so much honestly and she is so open.  I love how real she is.

Susanna from Behind My Eyes, she is one of the most spiritual teenagers I have ever met.  I love her outlook on life, she always makes me smile.

Armando from Blog literario y fotográfico, he takes the most beautiful pictures, they always make me want to visit whatever country he is taking pictures of at that time.

Carly from Carly Esther, she writes with so much emotion, everything she writes makes me feel.

Jaquline from Deliciosa Ilusão, writes gorgeous and sensual poetry.

Lynnie from Doppelganger. Atypical., she is not typical, she is a wonderful young woman who is herself and doesn't care what other people think, I think that is awesome.

Maria from Focused on the Positive, I love how positive and uplifting she is.

Jane and Lance from HATTATT, they live such an amazing life and they share all their travels with you.  They always make thought provoking comments.

Joy from Joy's Journal Thoughts, she has inspired me to join a running club, she runs on her own but I am not that disciplined, I need a club to get me going.

WilyBCool from Let go of the Past, live Today and create Tomorrow, all I can say is wow, he inspires me in every word he writes.

Charly from Life as I know it, I have been following her since I started Purebloggers, she is honest, real, caring and kind.

Maarit from living my life, she is kind, thoughtful and messages me when I need it with such sweet words.

Lydiana from Lydiana Laura Micheal.  , she inspires me in how she has left her home to go far away to school where she knows no one, I think she is amazing.

Marta from made in Marta , what can I say she is a really cool young woman, trying to live her passion.

Martha from Martha is a FAT Girl , another woman that has inspired me to run, she doesn't write often but she always writes something to make me think.

Diane from  On the Alberta/Montana Border   writes stories from growing up on a ranch.

Jenn from Randomness and Lunacy  , she has even written her own book and she is so funny and interesting when she writes a blog. 

Sasha from  Sasha Fitzgerald  ,  she is amazingly talented with her art and jewelry.

Suzanne from  Suzanne Bean , has a wonderful talent at poetry and art.

Renn from  The Big C and Me , she inspires me, she has cancer and she puts everything into perspective for me.

Petro from  The Seaman Mom ,  she has a cute blog about her beautiful daughter Ellie and her life working on a cruise ship.

Patriza from   The Small Noble,  she does a fashion blog, she is really down to earth though, she's very sweet.

I could go on, there are so many lovely blogs that I have read over the past 8 months, the ones above are some of my favorite blogs.  I love knowing when there is a new post from them, it's almost like getting a new magazine, when I find out there is a new post.

I have really been enjoying blogging for the past 8 months, I have been blogging longer but only seriously for the past 8 months. I feel lucky to have this outlet.  I sometimes feel like when I write things down that things get better somehow, maybe I see a way to make it better, I don't know.  It just feels good to get it out and try to figure out how to make it better.

Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers out there, I hope if you read this, you will take a chance and read a few of these blogs, there is something for everyone.  I don't have one type of writer, I love all kind of different writers, different ages and all the people I have got to know over the world.

"Everything you want, also wants you" ~ Jack Canfield 


  1. Hello Launna:
    We are deeply touched to be included in your list here. Thank you so much. It is greatly appreciated.

    What we find of particular interest about 'Letters from Launna' is that you so obviously write from the heart. At times your posts do not make for easy reading, are often troubled and even sad, but through it all your strong spirit and determination shine through. You show immense courage in the face of adversity - and for this we greatly admire you.

  2. Hi Launna:
    Thanks so much for your lovely compliment. I've been so busy the last week that I've had little time to come and visit. I'm now but into the blogging world. Your words are the sweetest just like you!!! :)

  3. Hello Launna and thank you for talking about my blog so beautifully, as you always do! :) you're awesome!

  4. Hi Launna, oh wow! Thank you so much..means lot to me.. What can i say, you are just so great and im so happy to know you..
    I have this same feeling, when i see new post from you :)) thank you for that..

  5. You are welcome Jane and Lance and as I stated, thought provoking comment, I can really see that you follow my blog:)

  6. Thank you Suzanne, you deserve it as you are so talented and very kind.

  7. You are welcome Susanna, I hope that my little Valentina has a lovely spirit like you:)

  8. You are welcome Maarit, you are such a lovely and sweet person.

  9. Thank you Launna for including me on this post! I feel so loved and I am so glad that you have joined the running club! I have found running to be more than "exercise" it is MY TIME. For me, I crave that more than the benefits to my body. I think you will also find that YOUR time will be peaceful and renewing as well.

  10. Thank you Joy, you really inspire me:)

  11. What a great list this is - I will enjoy visiting the ones i do not know yet.

  12. Thank you Good, I only put 20 but there is more like 50;)


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