Our Super Power

Every person has a super-human-power deep within them that can transmute fear into freedom, lack into lots and limitation into liberation. That Super Power is called GRATITUDE! ~ Brad Morris

I read this quote last week and I saved it away in my emails... I was going through my quotes today and saw it again.  It really made me think, especially since I am such an advocate of facing my fears so that I can have freedom and joy.  When I read this and thought about how gratitude can get us there,  ever since I have had my surgery, I have nothing but gratitude in my heart daily. 

I am grateful for the many wonderful meals that have been prepared for me in the past couple of weeks, for the people that have driven me to and from the hospital for appointments, for the people who came into my home and helped me do the laundry and dishes. For Cindy who is taking amazing care of my Valentina, for Valentina who prays for me nightly, for my friends who keep in contact with me by either calling, texting, facebook messages.... There have been endless blessings sent my way in more ways than I can count.

I am sure I cannot say thank you enough, I don't know if anyone knows how truly grateful I am and have been for all that people are doing for me.  So I can totally agree with the quote above, gratitude is mine and it is our super power.  We all have the ability to be grateful for something in our life, I know that there are things that get us down, things so dark and difficult that many of us could never understand.  We are given the challenges we can handle by having gratitude for the blessings we do have in our life.

The most important blessing in my life is my family and my very close friends... I feel gratitude for them everyday...

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. I am constantly at awe when I read you, Launna. I wish I had an ounce of your amazing optimism.

  2. Awe thank you Petronela... I have to choose optimism... it's never easy....

  3. I always come away from your posts feeling so positive and upbeat :) you have a gift of making people feel that way.

  4. Thank you Keith... that is kind of you to say:-)

  5. Gratitude is indeed a powerful thing. It's amazing how it can change your whole outlook when you make gratitude be your focus.

  6. Thank you Daisy... I agree how gratitude can change your whole outlook:-)


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