Sweet Kisses

Our first kiss, what can I say
Butterflies and tummy flip flops
Plus a long sigh
Then the giggle when we realized how amazing it was

The second kiss in my hallway...
Where we just leaned into each other
Laying my head on your chest afterwards
Listening to your heart beat, not wanting to move

The third kiss in my room
I was drifting off to sleep
You came in, kissed me softly until I sighed
Falling asleep with that lovely moment

The forth kiss, the night before you left
Holding you close... not wanting to let you go
Feeling like I was losing a part of me
This was to be our last kiss

There were many more kisses in between...
Each one special on their own
All imprinted in my memory
Never to be forgotten, the first, the last and the in betweens


I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


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