The Comfort Zone Is Going

I had a bit of a frustrating evening, I have been without a working stove for a little over two months... yes you read that correctly... there were a ton of issues as the old stove was hard wired and the landlord had to find an electrician to install a plug.  Long story short, it has finally been installed, so what was to be a great evening as I was planning on actually making a meal since I have been using a microwave/crock pot/electric frying pan will have to wait another night.

I am highly disappointed that it would take that great length of time to complete this job... I am positive if it had been his stove, it would have been replaced the next day.  Anyhow, I have been feeling like it is time for me to move within the next year... now I am going to... I cannot continue to live in an apartment where the landlord would leave me without a stove for that length of time, it was truly uncalled for. I am going to look for a three bedroom apartment located closer to Valentina's school, as my place of work is talking about being able to work from home.

I would LOVE that, I could walk Valentina to school before I started, than I could just have someone pick her up after school for about two hours.  We would end up having an extra three hours together each day, we could go out and do things as five pm isn't too late to go out with your child... seven pm is... So, I am taking this as a push to get me to the next place, since I will need a third bedroom to use as a dedicated office.  It will be nice to have one, where I can shut the door after work and separate those two parts of my life.

Once I have this ability to work from home, I am sure the quality of my life will go way up, that is an extra three hours per day, I can exercise, read, clean, cook... can you tell how elated I am with the thought of having this much extra time per day, an extra fifteen hours per week.  All I can say is bring on working from home, I hope they pilot that soon.  Until then I still want to move to something better, it means really following a strict budget, which I am not all that good at anymore but this might get me back into the habit.

I will be spending the next few months downsizing more, the less stuff the better, I cannot stand the clutter... it's my little Valentina that likes to hold on to objects.  I used to when I was younger but the older I got the less I am attached to my things... I really could care less, I have gratitude for the items I have but I am not emotionally attached to them.

I have known for sometime that I should move, I need a neighborhood that has children in it so that Valentina can go out and play.  She goes outside here but she really has no one to play with other that the girls on the next street and they are not out that often.  I should have been planning this move last year but I was comfortable, I didn't want to listen to the promptings, I need to start going with them and not ignoring them because I am comfortable.

I am going outside my comfort zone in a lot of ways... I don't mind saying that I am a little excited and a lot scared....

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Best of luck with the move! Moving can be stressful, but if it's for the best, then it will be worth it :) I couldn't imagine having an extra three hours a day to do whatever I wanted, you'll need to blog about that so I can live vicariously through you!

  2. Moving is also a good excuse to clean out, pare down and simplify (perhaps in more ways than one!).

    Breakfast After 10

  3. Thank you Jaimie... that would be my travel time back and forth to work if I get to work from home... this will be a good move ;-)

  4. Thank you LuLu... you are correct in more ways than one... ;-)

  5. I'm sure, that everything will be fine

  6. Thank you for your comment Marianna ;-)

  7. Moving can be a pain but in the end the fresh change will help you to declutter mentally and physically. Getting rid of stuff now will make the move smoother & faster when you get to it. Still shaking my head that your landlord was allowed by law to let you live without a working oven that long, in the US that wouldn't fly if the right people were informed.

    I'll keep fingers crossed for your telecommute position, sounds great!

  8. Thank you Jenn... if I had gone through the tenancy board I wouldn't have had to wait so long... I just trusted he would fix it, now I know, hence why I will be moving :)

    I really hope I get chosen to work from home... I have already decided that the third bedroom will only have work items there, I will treat it like work ;)

  9. Good luck with the move. This sounds like it would be a very positive change for you. I hope it all goes well for you.

  10. Thank you Daisy...I don't like moving but it's time:-)


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