Handling Curve Balls

I stumbled upon a new blog, I try hard  not to add new blogs since I am following so many but I can't help myself sometimes... If someone can draw me into their world within the first paragraph I am usually hooked... add another blog to my list.... This one is so inspiring and full of uplifting thoughts, I am excited to see each new blog post in the future.  It is simply called Christine Hassler  the post today titled Are you WAY to serious?

If you have a chance pop on over and read it, she had a few bad incidents after another over a few days and how she ended up reacting to them.  It reminded me of a time in March of 2008, one morning I woke up and decided to do my laundry... my wash machine had died, I stayed calm and ordered another one, I went off to work and ended up being taken into the office and told that I would be suspended for two days... mind you, they never explained why... I chose to take vacation pay for the whole week and I started looking for a new job, within five months I landed my job where I am now. Third I arrived home late to receive a call from my land lady that she wasn't going to renew my lease, I asked her if there was anything else, I thanked her for calling me and I went about finding a new apartment within three months, where I currently live.

I don't remember the actual day in March of 2008 but I can tell you this, it is a day I will never forget, it is a day where I handled one catastrophe after another and not one single one of them fazed me in the least.  It was because I figured that two of the three incidents happened for a reason and that if I went with it instead of against it, I would see big changes.  I say this because, I had been talking about moving for six months prior to this and talking about getting a new job because I knew where I was working that they were going to lose the project due to the horrible management.  Even though I had talked at length about making these changes, I did nothing until that day. That day was an answer to pushing me in the right direction, I felt like it ended up being one of the best days I have had.  I handled one thing after another and even smiled...

I especially smiled when I was being suspended without any reason explained... I smiled at my boss, asked her if there was anything else and then I thanked her, smiled and left the office.  You should have seen the look on their faces, they had no idea what to make of me, I didn't care, I know that I am an extremely hard worker who puts a lot of myself into my job... especially when I feel appreciated for my efforts. The previous company just didn't appreciate me, that is their loss... Now I am with a wonderful company that rewards the effort you put into your job.

What I learned from that day was that sometimes life throws you every curve ball in the book ... it is like bam, bam, bam... one right after another.  How we choose to react most of the time will impact how we deal with that challenge.  It's not always easy to just say, oh well... I will just move or I will just get a new job... but sometimes we are given those trials to get us to get up off our butts and make some changes.

I remember Oprah talking about how we get a whisper of what we need to do, then we get a shout, then we get a brick.... if we don't get it before this, the whole wall tumbles on us.  This is so true, I wish I wasn't so resistant to change all the time, I have proven time and again that when I flow with change, it ends up being amazing.

I cherish my past, I accept my present and I dream for my future


  1. Good for you for facing each of those challenges and dealing with them head on. It isn't always easy to do that, but I think it is the best way to handle it.

  2. Thank you Daisy... I agree it's the best way... it's never easy though :/

  3. Very inspiring post indeed. It is nice that you were able to bounce back after hearing one bad thing after an other.

  4. wow thats nice post. you are awesome :D i like the last quote too :D

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  5. Thank you Munir... it was just a lesson for me to learn... ;)

  6. Thank you Inge, you are so sweet :)

  7. Inspiring post as always Launna! You are a daily gift of light :)

  8. Awe... thank you Keith that is so sweet;-)

  9. Thank you Marie, we are not perfect and you are right... that is ok :)


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