About Me

I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia on July 23, 1963. I have lived here the majority of my life, I love this city. It is the perfect size for me, I have always considered myself a small town city girl, I actually never thought that I would like to even travel to a large city. That changed last summer when I went to Toronto for six weeks of training for the job that I currently have. I fell in love with Toronto, not exactly where I would want to raise a child but I really enjoyed being there.

I come from an extremely large family, there were 9 girls in my family. My mother Ann who is from Salem Oregon, was married to Dale and had three daughters, Helen, Darlene and Cheryl. The marriage ended and my mother became pregnant with another girl that she adopted in Florida around 1960. My father Gary who was born in Queens County, Nova Scotia was quite the dreamer and when he was 17 years old set off on a trip across Canada, he ultimately wanted to end up in Hollywood to become a movie star ;) However, fate stepped in when he was traveling through Salem, Oregon and he met my mother when she was nearly 5 months pregnant with our sister that she would adopt out in Florida later.

My parents then had my sister Kimberly Albina on April 13, 1962 in Salem, Oregon. I was then born on July 23, 1963 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, then my sister Rochelle Lynn was born in Salem, Oregon on July 12, 1964. My parents then set out in a red VW bug to travel back to Halifax, Nova Scotia, they stopped over in Kelowna, BC to pick fruit to make money for the trip back home. On the morning of October 12, 1964 they left us with the babysitter Mary to go work in the fields. I was up with Mary when they left and she went to light the wood stove, at the same time I pulled a Coleman stove off the kitchen table that caused a large fire to start. I was standing directly in the fire, Mary walked through the fire to save me. My sister Kimberly was too afraid to go out and Mary was unable to get to her. The fire department was called but unfortunately they were unable to revive her from smoke inhalation. At first my other sister Rochelle had been pronounced dead at the scene but they were able to revive her. I was burned quite severely on my legs and back which was approximately 60% of my body(the fact that I had a wet diaper on saved me, the doctors were able to do skin grafs), the doctors held out little hope for me to survive. Once I did survive, they advised my mother that I would have patches of hair and that I would more than likely lose my feet, neither of those things happened, I have a full, thick head of hair and I never lost my feet. I spent many years of my young life having many operations, I consider myself extremely lucky to have survived when there was so little hope that I would. My parents then settled in Halifax, Nova Scotia and this was when my sister Lisa was born on March 24, 1966.

At this time, my father went to Ontario for work while my mother stayed in Halifax, my father then met up with another woman Ruth and eventually he and my mother separated. My sisters Rochelle and Lisa as well as myself ended up growing up in Halifax, Nova Scotia with my father and Ruth. I was about 6 years old at this time and for the next 9 years I had no contact with my mother who had ended up having another daughter Krista Fawn in April 1970, my mother and Krista moved back to Oregon and I did not meet up with her again until I was 15 years old.

After almost 10 years, my father contacted my mother in Oregon and had her fly up to Halifax to meet us. My father had finally left my ex step mother Ruth and he and my mother decided to get back together, however; within 2 years they had split up again but by this time I was 17 years old and I was living in Halifax, Nova Scotia with my grandmother. My mother stayed in New York state, first in Niagara Falls, NY and then Silver Creek, NY. My father had met another woman Ilona in Binghamton, NY, he spent the next 25 years plus going back and forth between Nova Scotia and New York state.

More to come later....


  1. Way to post your whole life story. Hope you don't talk about my life ;)

  2. Dear Launna,
    You are a brave soul. I have started admiring you now even more. You have been through lot and I was scared when I read about fire and your surgeries, but you came out bravely. Hats off to you. Best of luck, may god always bless you.


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