What Happened In Your Birth Year?


I thought this might be fun, so I clicked on the link and entered my year.  It was fascinating to read all about what happened the year I was born. Also different things that were important about my life. So many memories, one cute one was that when I was 7 I saw the Aristocats... I loved that movie when I was a child. When I have a few moments to just sit and read other years, I am going to read my daughters years and few other ones I am interested in.

This little link just made me sit up and think, especially the last line of 'What path have you taken?' I realized that I haven't even been on a path lately. I've been in limbo, so indecisive.  I seem incapable of making any life decisions, heck I can barely handle the small decisions.  I think that I think too much, my mind never lets me have any down time. I need to get some rest though, I need to feel better.

I think that is part of the reason I have an infection in my leg.  I haven't been coping with the stressful issues in my life, so I have been internalizing it and so it comes out with an infection in my leg.  My body has to get rid of the bad stuff from my body.  So, I wonder why I torture my body like that?  I really have to make a concerted effort to look after myself.

Well, I think I have had another eye opener, hopefully this will get me on the path.  Sometimes it seems that I need to get the eye opener a few times. I know one of the side effects of getting on the path is that I have to deal with the pain, all of it.  Not sure I can handle all the ramifications that come with dealing with all that old pain, the stuff I love to try to hide.

Hiding isn't helping me anymore though, hiding is hurting me.  I have thought so little of myself for too many years.  Lately I have not been myself, I have been jumpy, cranky, impatient, sad and so many more not so great feelings. I don't like feeling that way, so that means I have to do something to change it. I am the only one that can change my circumstances. Some decisions are SO hard to make though.  I have so much to think about.

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