Serving Others Is A Form Of Love

I really enjoyed getting caught up with so many of you, I am still working at getting back into the hang of blogging, I have been trying not to overwhelm myself too much. I need to find some middle ground... which isn't the easiest thing for me as I have always been an all or nothing kind of girl, which means if I can't keep up I give up and do something else. I have been contemplating how to change that aspect of myself... there is nothing wrong with wanting to attain the highest level but giving up because I feel like it's a failure on my part isn't what I want for myself anymore. 

I will never give up writing, it has been the one constant part of my life that has helped me to grow, I have been able to see another way to handle a test or trial. Even when I wasn't physically writing the past few months, I spent a lot of time writing in my mind, thinking of what it would take for me to finally get back to actually writing on the computer. Blogging wasn't my first thought as I feel that blogging is meant to be interactive, I couldn't just write and walk away... so I wrote a couple of times in my private blog just to write, it helped being able to get it out and see it in words. 
My church believes in journals or keeping diary for ourselves that ultimately our family would be able to read our thoughts and ideas sometime in the future... I know my mom wrote a few letters to my sister Kimmy and when she passed on I got a copy of the notebook, it was such beautiful memories that I could read at anytime and pass down to my own children in time. I can see the importance of keeping my private ideas and thoughts for my family in the future. What I learned from this over the years is that I see how alike we are... yes we all have differences but ultimately we go through many of the same trials. Which is why I think writing about how we deal with something might help someone else... I know that I have learned from others writings and I have found a way to make it through a test I was unsure I would be able to get through. 

I have been feeling cut off with my health issues and I have felt like I failed... I had gained my life life back by becoming healthy and now I feel like I am back where I was and actually further from my goals. A friend who went through something similar sent me a website with some ideas of how to strengthen my back so that my sciatica won't be so painful and a very good friend dropped over and told me not to give up, she would be ready to walk with me when the time came that I wasn't in such a great deal of pain. I honestly had given up on my health and thought to myself that this was the way my life was going to be.... but I can't give up because it's hard, it's not going to be simple, it's going to be painful and it's going to take a great deal of work but I want my life back... it's time for me start doing something, even if it's small and not to get discouraged when it takes longer than I think it should. 
I haven't been attending my church because I felt it was too painful... I have people that are willing to pick me up and take me home part way... at least I can get out weekly and see other people so that I am not feeling as though I am so trapped in my home. I need that connection with other people, even if it is only for a short time each week... It will be good for me to hear other thoughts and ideas so that I am not sitting at home, convincing myself there is no way out. I want to help others, so that I will think of myself less... 

I feel like service is the way for me to better myself in the long run... I might not be able to do anything to physical at the moment but I can talk to people and I can take the time to write my story for my children. There is a lot of my life on this blog but I don't write about everything as there are personal things I don't want everyone to know but I do want my children to know it all one day... as I am sure they will have to deal with many of the same trials in their lives and I want them to know that there is always a way through, no matter how difficult the test is... I have been served with love by many people over the years, it's time for me to serve others the same way... 

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  1. Ilike your attitude. Good Luck with writing and any other activity you plan to take on!

  2. Yes-Yes-Yes! Keep writing, Launna. You know that you are cared for and loved here in blogland and your words have always touched me.

    I agree that you need to get out and about a bit. Working from home really can be an isolating thing-and I am sorry that you are continuing to be in pain---which is a further cause for isolation.

    Love and blessings to you-Diana

  3. Hey There Launna, and hope you're doing better these days! I read a book called The Walk many years ago by Richard Paul Evans, which was awesome. It reminded me that we are all put here on earth to provide service to others. Sometimes when I'm going through things I forget that, but once I focus, I've found that it helps me to feel better by focusing on someone else who may be struggling. As always, you are always right on point and I send HUGE Hugs of love your way! RO

  4. It does help to read about how someone has dealt with a problem that is the same as our own. I like the idea of keeping a journal or diary to share with children and future generations. I hope you are able to find a way to improve your health and get back to doing the things you like to do. Health problems can be very frustrating.

  5. Serving others it is also a form of respect. Thanks for your words Launna! A big hug :*

  6. dear Launna !

    glad to see your next post little soon !

    your words are inspirational and can provoke any broken soul to get up and resist against pain whether it's physical or psychological

    i truly adore your words" i have been served with love by others and now it is my turn"

    I agree that in this whole process of life there is only one thing which can take away your pains and worries
    and this is
    Love of humanity which makes you feel other's pain as it is your own

    i think you should accept the offer and visit the church ,socialization and listening other's pain make you realize that there are sooo many who are in greater suffering than you

    i am glad you are getting fit physically and i am sure it will help you to lead your thoughts towards positive direction

  7. I hope you are doing better now. And like your friend said, don't give up hope. We all learn, learn to live to the fullest with all the obstacles. It's good that you're back, ready to share your stories with all of us, and for your kids.

    Welcome back, and happy blogging!!

    Followed you! It's great to connect. :)

  8. Those letters sound like such a wonderful idea! How nice :) Definitely stay strong, your mind is what's important here as it's in control of how you feel :) I actually just shared a diagnoses of my own that I've received and am learning to cope with that too.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  9. So glad to see this post about gratitude. Our journey is full of backtracks and worries, but still finding a way to go on, especially with faith and faith within ourselves. We might not always know all the answers but its a good feeling to help one another.

    All the best to your writing, keep walking, smiling and being surrounded by those who inspire your journey.

  10. Hi Launna, I hope you're in good shape now. Been some time since your last post. Take care and see more of your post soon!! Love, Rima :)

  11. Happy Mother's Day! I hope its a happy one for you! All the best on your writing and more!

  12. Definitely catch those rides where you can to get out of the house. We don't know we really need that human interaction until we've been without it and then we get it. So hold onto that. I think it'll be good for you.

  13. I hope you feel better, Launna, it's a long time I haven't been writing on the blog. I send you my best kisses from Italy.

  14. Dear Launna I always enjoy reading your inspirational posts. I agree with you that love is the answer and solution to most of our problems. HAve a nice week
    New post in my Lifestyle Blog !

  15. So sorry to hear about what you're going through and definitely don't feel like you've failed Launna! You are so strong to write this down and it's so special how you mention the idea of writing a journal or diary. I feel like a blog is like that in a way, but handwritten is so much more special so I wish I took the time to do that more. Especially after reading some of my grandma's letters a while ago. I hope you're feeling better soon as the summer is almost here and it would be great if you could enjoy it more. Talk soon... xo Dale

  16. Blessings.........
    Balance is a challenge. A good way to find some is always to ask yourself, where am I in this process? If the answer is I don't know then its time to pause and create space for YOU. YOU are a priority you should never be second, third, fourth or last. YOU should always be in alignment with all firsts.

    You are not cut off. If you find yourself back peddling then its time to take mental inventory, that is usually where the culprit is. Be mindful of reverting to old ways of thinking and reigniting old habits. Know and understand your patterns and put strategic things in place to help you pull yourself out of that valley. It matters little how much you visit the valley, the key is always that you consistently climb out and keep rising like air. We are not our circumstance, we are more!

    peace my blogsistah.
    keep your head up.

    1. Blessings....
      I am just checking in to see how you are doing.
      i hope that all is well and you are caring for your self, body, heart, mind and soul.

      Stay blessed.

  17. Welcome back Launna :) SO happy to have you back. Its really nice that you have your writing where you can pour out your feelings.

  18. I am glad you are figuring out things you can do to help your family and yourself. I am so sorry you have a hard road ahead- but I know how strong you are and you sound determined. I believe in you! I am sending out positive healthy vibes to you. And hugs too. :)

  19. Dear Launna: Thank you so much for all your sweet notes. Somehow, my awaiting comments is letting me know anything awaiting. Josie's situation is similar to one of my friend's. I hope you are having an enjoyable summer and enjoying the season.

    All the best to your writing!

    Thanks for being here!



  20. If you want to find yourself, lose yourself in the service of others, eh? I find I grow the most when I'm entirely focused on others. That's not saying I'm great at it or can do it for long periods of time, but that has been my observation. I hope things are going well and that you are able to have those face to face connections. They are definitely needed.

  21. This is such a beautiful thought, Launna. I totally get you! There's a sense of inner peace and satisfaction when we can serve the needy. But also do not lose yourself in that completely, as people shouldn'take your advantage. Make connections that can make you feel better every time you're with them. I have been deceived by so many that way! And I just hate when people break my trust:(

    Glad you have continued penning your thoughts. This is such a therapy to vent ourselves through writing.

    Yeah try to go out and meet people very often. I always feel the best when I smile or laugh out loud with friends. Makes me feel to have more together time with others. Otherwise I'm an introvert person who loves her books, writing, and her space all by herself.


  22. Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way.
    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

  23. Hi Launna,

    You are so right! Serving others is a great way to gain self confidence on so many levels. It feels good when I am able to make someone feel better and in turn makes me feel good to be able to have done it. Hope you have found something to help your back pain. I have a friend who has the same problem and they told her surgery may help, but then she researched and when a more natural route. This entails visits to the Chiropractor and alternative medicine. She used to be a runner, but now she's a walker. She has found ways to still get some type of movement even though she can't do intense workouts like she used to. Wish you all the best on your journey! Hope you continue writing because I feel you have so much to offer.


  24. Just stopping by to wave hello, and Happy July! RO

  25. Escrever é sempre bom mesmo. Uma grande ajuda para deixar registros valiosos! E sem dúvida que isso é benéfico para quem escreve, mas é benéfico também para quem lê. Podem ser as palavras que alguém está precisando ler naquele momento! Pode ser um post salvador de vidas.

    Ótima terça!

    Beijo! ^^

  26. Thinking of you Launna, and sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  27. Yes. Service is one of the five languages of love.
    Beautiful insights as always, Launna.

  28. Thank you for checking. You are very thoughtful and caring. I have been on my toes taking care of my husband. His knee was hurting and he needs my attention . It is a little better now, so I am able to do things and catch up including blog reading. I will log on again and read some more posts when I get a chance. Thanks again.

  29. Servir a otros es una gran forma de amor <3

  30. Hey girl.. I have been out of the blogging business for ages and it looks like you have been too.. how is it going??? Are things good? Drop me a line, would love to hear from you... sending you love and blessings! <3 -

  31. Hi Launna. Just here to say hello. I hope you are feeling wonderful and very happy too. Hugs to you!


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